I’m only 30 years old, but when it comes to technology and this new generation of communication I feel like . . . well, old!  It was only very recently that I even figured out what a “blog” was and I still don’t understand how to text using the newly invented shorthand.  It’s a whole new language and about the only thing I do know how to write is “lol!”  So all this to say that I feel a little out of my league to join the world of blogging. 

So if this blogging-thing is so new and foreign to me, why do it?  When I told my husband that I wanted to start a blog, he said “that will be a good way for you to get your feelings out.”  I have wondered if he said this with a sense of relief – that his wife will have another outlet for her emotions other than him!  (But it is true that no one man can be the sole processor-of-emotions for his wife.  Us women need multiple outlets, multiple relationships in which we can process our emotions.)  So this blog is partly for me and I guess, partly for my sweet hubby (who is, by the way a most awesome husband who lovingly listens to and supports me!!)! 🙂  I am excited to share my journey to becoming a mom and my journey as a new mom (my son is 2 but I still feel like a new mom!).  I’m excited to share my thoughts and ask my questions about the amazing and sometimes terrifying roles of being wife and mom.  I love the Lord and I love how he created us for relationships, created us to connect with each other!  I have learned that when we connect with other people, it is through that connection/relationship that God shows his grace to us.  It is through other people that God often heals our wounds, encourages our hearts, calms our worry, and loves us!  I love connecting with other people and I love watching other people connect because this is the joy of being created in the image of God; we were made for relationships!  And so, it is my hope that this blog will be one more place of connection in my life.  Maybe something I write will be encouraging to someone else or maybe a question I ask will be answered by someone who has walked that journey. 

Thanks for reading.