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I woke up one day and suddenly became a mom.  Even though we had been preparing for and waiting to adopt a baby for a couple of years my son was born into our lives with no forewarning to us.  We went to work that morning as usual and I came home around noon from my job as a preschool teacher when our social worker from our adoption agency called.  I heard it in her voice.  Something was happening.  She had some kind of news.  I help my breath and braced myself.  A birthmother was delivering a baby as we spoke and the baby was ours to adopt if we choose to adopt the baby.  Boy?  Girl?  Race/ethnicity?  Health?  None of this information was known but the baby would be delivered literally any minute.  I called my husband at work and we together, without skipping a beat knew this baby was our child and the specifics of gender, nationality, and health just didn’t seem to matter.  I hung up with my husband, called our social worker and told her I was going to start packing and we would leave within the hour to start the 900+ mile drive to where our baby was being born.  She asked if we wanted to first wait until the baby was born and know about his/her health, etc before packing up and driving but I told her no, this was our baby no matter what.  2 hours later we were almost finished packing and on the road when the phone rang.  Our social worker said we had a son; a beautiful, healthy, perfect in every way (“perfect in every way” were probably my words not the social workers!) baby boy who was waiting for us in the hospital nursery.  28 hours later we were at the hospital with our noses pressed up against the glass looking in at all of the babies wondering which baby was our son as we waited for the nurse bring us in to meet our son. 

It all happened so fast.  One day I was just a wife and next day I was a wife and mom!  It was a bit like living in a dream for those first few weeks.  I remembered that whenever I left the house with our son I would start to pull out of the driveway or down the street and suddenly panicked look back at the back seat to make sure I hadn’t forgotten him at home.  Silly, I know because I would never have actually forgotten my baby but it felt surreal to suddenly be a mother and I was so afraid that I’d dash out the door and grab everything but the car seat with the baby. 🙂