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Juggle.  Multitask.  Administrate.  Supervise.  Instruct.  Designate.  Counsel.  Does just the thought of these words exhaust you?  Me too!  Motherhood is all about juggling.  There is so much to keep track of; chores, cleaning, meal planning, cooking, shopping, laundry, supporting your husband in his many roles in work/family/home, and . . . oh yeah, the kids!  It can be overwhelming. 

I have been thinking today about the things that I have really let fall by the wayside such as meal planning and making time to cook a healthy dinner, working out, getting enough sleep, etc.  It seems that when I focus on one thing, something else gets left in the dust.  I’m not looking for perfection.  I just want to accomplish what needs to get done daily, weekly; taking care of my son, being a help-mate to my husband, finishing the chores, keep up on the laundry, grocery shop, dishes, sleep, workout, play-dates, time with friends, Bible study time, prayer time, dates with my husband . . . . I think this is where I should stop myself and ask “what planet do I think I am living on?”  I guess I really am looking for perfection!  And as long as I am looking for perfection, for everything to get done every day, I will be frustrated because it’s just not possible!  If there was a perfect way to juggle all of these roles and tasks, then there would be no fun in trying and all moms would die of boredom and routine. 

Prioritizing.  Balancing.  Investing in where it matters.  These are the words that I need to remember.

I fully believe that the best way to learn how to multi-task as a mom is to learn it from other seasoned moms who have experienced victory in this battle.  Share with me, please how do you do it?