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Before I was a mom, I thought that toddlers were the cutest, funnest, most wonderful age of childhood.  My favorite age to babysit was the 15 months to 2 1/2 years age range.  I loved that they looked like babies but tried so hard to act like little kids.  I loved the words they tried to communicate, the “I do myself” everything, and how the simplest things made them smile.  They were very entertaining.  And therefore, I always thought that this would be my favorite age of my kids when I became a mom.

Well now I am a mom and my son is 2 1/2.  I’m exhausted.  Everything that I once found so cute with toddlers, I now find, well exhausting.  The simplest tasks can become the biggest chore of the day.  Answering questions.  Re-directing.  Giving instructions.  Negotiating what toddler can do themself and what mommy helps with.  Creatively distracting toddler.  And by the end of the day; bribery. 

I am finding this stage of toddlerhood to be a challenge.  I’m tired.  I give the same instructions 10,000 times a day.  Privacy?  I have none; maybe some day I’ll get to go the bathroom by myself again.  I make food that always finds its way onto the floor.  I give the same answers to the same questions each day.  I find foreign items in the washing machine and wonder how they got there.  I chase down little feet that run away with a giggle from my call.  But in all of the busy chaos that comes with toddlerhood, I am learning to smile and find my sense of humor because I know the day will come when this season of parenting is long gone and yet I will wish for it again.