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(I started this post 5 days ago.  Since I was writing about “distractions” I guess it is fitting that I have been distracted for the better part of a week from completing this post!)   

Today after I dropped off my son at the church nursery and sat down waiting for the service to start I closed my eyes and sighed.  It had been one of those mornings.  It was the end of daylight savings and my son woke up extra early and I, the night before had regrettably stayed up too late.  Tired we did our morning routine, slowly getting ready for church because we had 5 hours to kill.  It was a morning in which multiple disciplines were required; a record-breaking number of disciplines.  Finally we got out the door, ran through the rain to our car, started driving and the car had multiple “episodes” of something strange happening with the transmission.  All the way to church my son whined from the backseat, “I don’t want to go to church!  I want to go home!”  I handed him milk and goldfish for the ride.  He had refused to eat breakfast and I was sure he wouldn’t make it through church on an empty stomach.  We got to church and couldn’t find a parking spot because we were so early that the previous service had not yet let out (this was a new experience, we are usually late to church!).  We found a parking spot and my son decides he doesn’t want to be carried, he wants to walk – walk at his pace all the way into the building in the rain.  Wet, cranky, and tired I sat down to worship.  When the service started I stood motionless singing, suddenly feeling very self-conscious in the clothes I picked out for the day. 

In between one of the songs, the worship pastor talked about a humorous incident from the Saturday night service the previous evening. He explained how the boards surrounding the drums (that keeps the sound contained) collapsed on the stage and onto the drummer in the middle of a song.  He went on to explain that he had encouraged the congregation the previous night to not let a minor mishap like that distract them from worshipping God.  His words were so fitting for what I was feeling that morning.  I had been so distracted by my son, the rain, even the most petty thing such as what I was wearing that I was forgetting why I was there, to worship.   

This was only the beginning of my feelings of conviction for being distracted from worshipping God.  The sermon was about the persecuted church.   The guest preacher talked about the underground church in the Middle East, of Christians who lose their lives every day for their faith in Jesus Christ.  The stories were amazing.  And it hit me, talk about distractions!  These Christians in other parts of the world are living out their faith despite the daily threat against their life.  The threat of imprisonment, death, those are real distractions from one’s worship to God!  My distractions from the morning were but a speck in comparison.

I needed that reminder, a fresh perspective on the “stuff” that can so easily fill my day and distract me from sitting at the feet of the Savior, soaking up his grace and comfort in worship.