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Last month we celebrated the anniversary of the day our son’s adoption was finalized in court.  By law of the state he was born in, his adoption could not be finalized until he was 6 months old.  It was a long journey, those 6 months of waiting for the legal processes of his adoption to be completed.  Each year we celebrate that special day; the day we became his parents with all legal rights, the day his name was changed from Baby Boy to the name we gave him, the day he was issued a birth certificate with his new legal name and our names as his parents.

This year when we celebrated this most special day, after the special lunch with grandparents, eating cake and sharing a few gifts, I looked at my son and something flooded my heart.  I’m not sure I can describe in words what I felt but it was some kind of bond with him that I had not felt before.  Don’t get me wrong – my son and I have bonded together beautifully with no problems, but there was something different with this bond that I felt.  I thought back to that day standing in court before the judge and walking out of court, papers in hand and the feelings of relief and security knowing that it was finished, nothing could ever separate us as mommy, daddy and son.  It was a day that will forever be in my memories and in my heart.

I looked at my son on his special day and thought; I may have not been there on the day you were born but I was there on the day the judge declared you my son.

When it was nap time I put him in our bed and just laid there looking at him and snuggling him.  My son.  My heart felt something indescribable.  A mother’s love for her child – I guess there just are not words.