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I’ve only been a mom for a couple of years but I have decided that the biggest enemy to motherhood is




It’s when I am tired that I make my worst parenting decisions.  I don’t follow through on discipline and consequences.  I give in to pleas for the extra snacks too close to dinner time or let the television stay on far longer than I’d ever like to admit.

It’s not that I don’t get good sleep most nights or that I have a night job that keeps me out late.  I just get tired . . . from the day-to-day stresses and busy activities of life as a mom, wife,  and homemaker.  We live in such a fast-paced lifestyle with a culture that gives us a false sense of pride and an imaginary pat on the back for being busy.  We somehow are led to believe the lie that the more we cram into our week, the more activities we are a part of, and the more entertaining play sessions we have at home the better of a parent we are.  All of this leaves us parents feeling tired: physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and in relationships.

And it is in the moments of tiredness that I make those parenting decisions that I later wish I could take back.

Sometimes I get tired just from the chaos of multi-tasking.  I know, there shouldn’t be “chaos” in “multi-tasking” – that’s the point of multi-tasking, to manage and decrease chaos.  But sometimes my brain hurts from multi-tasking all of the thoughts running through my mind.

How do we combat this enemy of motherhood called tiredness?  I guess that is the million dollar question.  We can strive to say no to the extra activities and keep tasks simple at home.  We can have good self-care with healthy food, adequate sleep, all of those good and healthy things.  But

life happens and we get tired.

So what do we do when tiredness gets the best of our mommy skills?  Go into your room, scream into your pillow, let out a big laugh, and give yourself GRACE.  I love grace.  Let’s not be afraid to give it to ourselves!