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Lately I have been feeling completely overwhelmed with information and ideas.  I seem to have this long check-list in my head of new things to try and new ways of doing things more efficiently.  I love new ideas but lately I am bogged down with thinking, “I have to do it all!”  Maybe this is why I avoid things like pinterest.  Every new idea I see that works for another person, I think to myself, “Aha!  That’s awesome!  I must do that too!”

Sometimes you have to just get back to the basics.  Feeling guilty for all the things I want to do and just don’t have the time or energy to do, I asked myself what is the most important job I have as wife and mom if I boiled it down to 1 or 2 words?  For my husband, support and respect and for my son, nurture and train are my roles in a nutshell.

I’ve decided that all of these ideas are good ideas but I can’t implement them all or I will lose my focus, much less my sanity!  So the question then becomes, what is it that my family really needs?  I think as wives and moms, we have a very unique opportunity to set the mood or atmosphere in our homes.

What is the atmosphere in your home? What is it that your family needs now in the current season you are in?

If money is tight maybe your focus can be on saving money and thinking up creative family activities that do not cost money.  If chaos  and busyness describes your family’s season of life right now, maybe instilling and cultivating peace in your home can be your focus.  Maybe illness has been in your family and your focus in this season is simply sleep and ensuring everyone in the family is getting enough of it.  If stress is overwhelming your family maybe you need to look for ways to bring humor and relaxation wherever you possibly can.  Whatever it is, think about what are the needs of your family and where does your focus need to be in this season of your family.  Get the emphasis here?  Don’t get bogged down with what others are doing in their season of life.  Let’s focus our attention to the needs of our own family and let all of those wonderful and creative ideas bombarding us in this technologically crazy world be just that, wonderful ideas . . . for another day!