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Today my son ran to me asking for a paper towel.  After I gave him one he ran off only to return a minute later with the paper towel crumpled up in his hand.  He said he had a surprise for me as he gently unfolded the paper towel revealing a squished spider.

I smiled big and thanked him for saving me from the spider!  Happy to have taken care of things as a big boy, he threw the spider and paper towel in the trash and ran back to play.

It was a small incident, squashing a little spider, but my momma heart beat proudly for his demonstration of bravery!  His father has taught him that mom does not care for bugs, spiders or other such critters in the house and has shown him how to protect mom from them.

The seemingly insignificant spider incident earlier today has left me to think about how important it is to teach my son to be courageous and brave.  He will grow up to one day be the leader and care-taker for his family.  I want him to be strong, brave, and confident to lead.

My husband and I have been working diligently in teaching him truth versus a lie and the utter importance of telling the truth even when he is scared of the consequences.  It hit me today, I need to be teaching my son to be brave to tell the truth!

May we raise a generation of boys who are brave, courageous, and strong to speak truth, lead their families in truth as husbands and fathers, and unwaveringly seek truth in a dark world.