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There are some things that no one tells you about parenthood . . . you’re left to learn about them on your own as a first-time parent.  Today I learned one of those things that seasoned parents forgot to warn me about.

My son spent the morning playing at my parents’ house; eating donuts, playing ball outside, helping to bathe their beloved dog that he thinks is actually his dog.  Everything was fine when my mom dropped him off to me at home but as soon as she left the melt-down began.  At one point, with tears streaming down his face, he says to me,”I’m so sad that Mimi left me here with you.”  He was seriously falling apart because he was back home with me.  He cried for his Mimi (my mom), his Papa (my dad), and then moved on to cry for his Grandma and Grandpa (my in-laws) and then for daddy who was just about to leave for work.

I was crushed!  My own son crying because he was “left” with me!  My heart broke.  And then 2 seconds passed and I was over it, reminding myself that he is 3.

It’s one of those things about parenthood that no one tells you; look out for the moments, or days, or seasons that your child doesn’t want you!  Ok, I guess parents really do talk about that and I’m sure I have been warned many times about this truth; but somewhere deep down inside I didn’t really believe them!!!  Certainly not my child!! 🙂