About Me

 My name is Cindy and I am a wife, mom, and a Christ-follower.  I am a very blessed wife of almost 11 years to my sweet husband and we have the cutest, most precious, amazing 3-year-old son!  We adopted our son from birth and the joy of raising him and watching him grow each day began from the moment he was first placed in our arms.

I hope through this blog to share my journey through infertility and into motherhood as an adoptive mom in our beautiful transracial family as I seek each day to follow the Lord.  These are my random thoughts . . . . my random feelings . . . . . my random questions about being a wife, mother, woman, and Christ-follower.  I hope you too will share with me your thoughts, feelings, and questions!  Maybe we can learn together, encourage one another in this truly amazing and most difficult job of being a wife and mom!

My handsome prince, age 6 months

My parents and I have a blog for survivors of suicide.  In 1996, my brother, who at the young age of 17 took his own life.  The blog is our journey through grief into healing and a place to connect with others who have lost a loved one to suicide.



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